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From: T. Chase McPhee
Subject: "For The Love Of Michael" 05The story below is a work of fiction, set in the
format of reality. Any resemblances to real people,
alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in
nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon
persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental
areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene
involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then
you should not read this story. Additionally, if you
are under 18 years of age, in most state and
countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by
law. Check with your local laws regarding such. %
Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction.
In real life, use protection.%"For The Love Of Michael" 05
wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%Dean wasn't totally himself in school. He pics free preteens felt a
little strange."Remember Savage, find out about Michael," came the
warning from Jim Hart.Right after Hart departed, Michael jumped out of the
chaffeur's car."Must be nice.""What?""Riding to school kiddy porn preteen like this everyday," Dean nodded
towards the long, black vehicle."Tell tiny titts preteens you the truth, I can't fucking preteen nymphet wait til I get my own set
of wheels."Just one of the things sixteen year olds dream about,
appealed to both."What kind?""I'm not sure. My mom likes fancy cars, but my dad
says it's better to get something practical. It's
okay. Mom has last say in stuff, when it comes to
shopping for me.""Shopping, Michael? You treat it like it's a... a..."Dean looks straight at Michael, at his chest, then
stomach, as if checking out his bod, "shirt or
something."By the way, nice shirt.""You like it?""Yeah. Did somebody accidentally drip paint on you?""Nah. It's the style.""It's cool.""Thanks. I wore it for..."Michael almost goofed. He didn't want to make Dean
think he liked him or anything, even though he did!Dean joked, "For me?"Since it was the truth, Michael came out with, "Nah.
Last clean shirt in my closet."For sure Dean guessed Michael lied, but didn't know
the reason. horse preteen
A guy, delivered to school in a black
limo, has got to have more than one shirt to wear."By the way, did you pick the subject for our team
report?""I've sort of narrowed it down."At that precise moment, a cool breeze blew across the
front of the building.Michael says, "Looks like rain. It's supposed to."It gave Dean a few minutes to gather his thoughts. His
mind wasn't only on social studies. Right now, he
looked at Michael's shirt. His bookbag was the sling
type. The strap fit from his right shoulder, slicing
his body in half, to his left hip. Pulling on his
shirt, with the cool wind, the equation came out to
hard nips. Poking through the fabric of Michael's polo
shirt, where the dark fabric of his A&F shirt faded to
light blue, above the paint splats, his left and right
nubs stood out, as if imprinted.Looking down, Michael seemed to look where Dean was
looking."What?""Um, I..." A quick diversion was needed! "I thought
one of the paint spots was toothpaste.""Prolly wouldn't know the preteen sexe pthc
difference, eh?""Prolly not."Dean guesses it's the first time he's ever used the
abbreviation for `probably'. He wasn't exactly into
the `cool culture'!"I think I felt a drop of rain or maybe I'm dreaming.""I felt it. Let's head inside," Michael said.The feeling of Michael, even patting his elbow felt
like lightning bolts, as he hinted."So, the report?"The electric shocks preteens desnudas must've mixed up Dean's thoughts.The sixteen year old blurted out, "The Great American
Dream... no wait...""Great American Dream? That's fantastic!""It is?""Yeah. We can kill two subjects at once. Great one,
Savage!""It is?""C'mon. Don't play dumb. I know you're smarter than
that. I'll see ya later. You're fantastic!"Maybe more than the dual report was making Michael
ride high, as he did something Raj would do. Before he
skipped out, he gave Dean a peck on the cheek.%"What's with you and Michael?" Juan questioned."What do you mean?" Dean played dumb."Don't play stoopid. He kissed you in front of the
whole student body!""Did not.""Maybe not the `whole', but enough. It's all over
school."Sitting down next to Dean, Juan set his tray of food
on the table."So? You going to fill in your best bud, amigo?""My best bud? Your `amigo'? Yesterday at the pool you
didn't want to know me!""Eh, that was only me being touchy. I apologize.
Friends?"Juan didn't wait for an answer."Cool. So, what's up with you and Michael?"Not really caring about an apology, his friendship
with Juan, going back to sixth grade, didn't really
matter."Nothing. I told him the subject of our social studies
project, sort of...""Wait. What do you mean sort of?""I kind of made a mistake.""This I gotta hear.""It's no big deal. I was kind of daydreaming and
confused English with Social Studies."Dean didn't mention Michael's nips. Taking some chips
in his mouth, Juan stopped crunching."So?" He spit out some chips with his words."You're such spandex preteen gallery a slop.""Forget me. What about Michael?""Nothing I tell ya. I mentioned the english project,
`The Great American Dream' and he thought I meant for
social studies."Chips silent, not crunching, was a hint to Dean, of
Juan's confusion."So?" He spat out more finely chopped bits."You're a slob!""I know. What about Michael?"Dean was getting to it. All Juan cared about is the
kiss, but Dean wanted to make sure he knew the
details."So, Michael thought I meant `The Great American
Dream' for a social studies project.""And that's why he kissed you?""I think. He was so excited for me.""For you?""Both of us I guess, since we're both working on the
same project.""How do you think Mr. Lassiter is going to feel, you
stealing his project and calling it social studies?""I don't think it matters. Michael thought it was
great.""And so he kissed you for it!""Sure.""No. There's gotta be another reason. People don't
kiss people over ideas like that.""Same thing I thought."Something else was strange, at the lunch table. Juan
stopped eating. He never stopped eating, til every
morsel was cleaned from his tray."Did it ever occur to you Michael likes you?""Likes me? I only met him yesterday!""Same here.""Does he like you?" Dean posed the question to Juan."I guess. He like, `like' likes me, but he doesn't
like, `love-like' me.""Love? You're talking crazy now, Juan.""Hey, I'm not the one who got kissed. Being kissed
means more than being `liked'!"Just then the lunch bell rang. It was onto gym class,
a special double period for swim team members, opting
out of study hall, to brizilan preteen pic
spend gym time at the pool.
Sometimes it made them late for band preteen boys nudists class.%2B continued...Copyright 2007 T. Chase McPhee
This story may not be sold, nor made part of any
collection, without prior consent from the author.
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